Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is is an online platform designed to offer detailed vehicle information and service history for BMW, Rolls Royce, and Mini cars, as well as BMW motorcycles. Our system fetches data from approved BMW dealers to ensure the information provided is reliable and up-to-date.

What kind of information can I get from a VIN search?

By conducting a VIN search on, you can access comprehensive data about a particular vehicle, including model, year of manufacture, engine type, transmission, color, and more. The detailed history provided can assist you in making an informed purchase decision or understanding your vehicle better.

What does the service history feature provide?

Our service history feature provides you with records of maintenance and repairs carried out by approved BMW dealers on the vehicle. Please note that only jobs done by approved BMW dealers are included in the service history.

What does it mean that "all sales are final"?

All sales are final at This means that once you have purchased credits for use on our platform, we cannot offer a refund. Similarly, once a search is conducted and credits are used, we are unable to refund those credits.

Can I get a refund if I entered the wrong VIN number?

No, we cannot offer refunds if a wrong VIN number is entered. We encourage all users to double-check their VIN numbers before conducting a search. This policy is to ensure the integrity and efficiency of our platform.

How does the credit system work?

The credit system is our payment method on You purchase credits that you can then use to conduct searches on our platform. Each search consumes a certain number of credits. Please note that once credits are purchased or used, they cannot be refunded.

What if I have a problem or need assistance? is a fully automated website. However, if you encounter a problem or need assistance, please reach out to us through our "Contact Us" form available on our website. We strive to respond as promptly as possible to all inquiries.

Can I trust the data provided by

Yes, all our data is sourced directly from approved BMW dealers, ensuring the information you receive is reliable and accurate.

Can I use for vehicles other than BMW, Rolls Royce, and Mini?

Currently, is exclusively designed to provide information for BMW, Rolls Royce, and Mini vehicles and BMW motorcycles. We do not offer data for other makes or models.

How frequently is the data updated?

Our data is updated continuously as we receive information from BMW-approved dealers. This ensures you always get the most recent and accurate vehicle and service history.

We hope these FAQs address your concerns. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us via the "Contact Us" form on our website.